Hi guys, I made a thread a while ago about the Ibanez Tube King Distortion Pedal but almost nobody assisted me
I really need help because tomorrow i have to see it at the shop so help is needed! (I promiss that i wont make a thread in a very long time after this)

I am interested in purchasing the Ibanez Tube King distortion pedal, is it any good?
I will be running it in a ONE CHANEL TUBE AMP (Laney LC-15R)
and trough a Cort EVL Z4 (my guitar).
What are your opinions on it? Does it suck some of the tone of a nice tube amp?
Is it suitable to pushing a tube amp and does the inbuilt distortion sound good (i play some old metal so i need some fair amount of gain and I also want to switch to the clean chanel on a ONE chanel tube amp)
Can it do Metal and Rock fairly well, what about other styles?
Please give me some good advice and not as much on other options as here in my country we cant get other nice and boutique pedals like Fulltones etc, unless you import them yourselves which would cost a fortune...

PS: I bougth a Boss OS-2 but i dont like it, the guy at the shop told me i can trade in the Ibanez Tube King for it (by paying the cash remaining as the tube king is more expensif) but he also told me that i wont lose one cent on my other pedal provided that its still in good state (which it is).

Thanks for the help.
Lets see here.....

You have a tube amp already, so my best suggestion to you would be to get a good overdrive pedal, and use it to boost your amp distortion into metal territory. or me, the Tube King and the tube amp distortion might get a bit too much feedback. I think you should get a Ibanez TS9 overdrive pedal.

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Every demo I've heard of the Tube King made it sound kinda muddy, but that's just me.

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