I've been practicing 3nps sclaes for an hour and my left wrist hurts. It has never hurt before after playing, although this is my first time practicing 3nps scales. There are many stretches in the scales (4 frets) and it hurt my wrist most when doing these stretches on the top strings.

I usually place my thumb sideways (like playing a barre chord) in the middle of the neck when playing. I fret notes with my fingers perpendicular to the frets.

What should I do so these pains don't occur?
Thanks so much
check ur wrist for a bump? i got a ganglion cyst from playing too much
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well if it hurts, stop for a minuite and continue

but useally if i practice scales for a while and quite fast, my fingers cramp up, but thats about it.

also i put my fretting hand thumb, perpendicular to the strings, and quite low on the neck

See jari from wintersun, and chuck from death - they got that style

consult a doctor if this continues and gets worse
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Take breaks, and always start your practice routine by stretching your wrist.

I play for like 45-50 min then I stop for 5 min to play with my tabs, piss, grab a snack... anything but play guitar. Then I jump right back in.

Also, never start with shred; warm up first. You wouldn't run a marathon without stretching/warming up would you?
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Personal experience I take it?

srsly though, try putting ur hands in different positions, keep experimenting until you find something comfortable.

Its what i did, my fretting hand is normal, but my picking hand is a little angled kinda like marty friedman, but not so drastic..sometimes anyway.

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Make sure you're holding the guitar correctly and loosely, it's very easy to force you hand into a position which is putting pressure on your wrist without knowing it.
go check a doctor, i have a friend how has distonia..

and it gets worse over time =/
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Angle the guitar more towards your chest, so that your fingers can reach easily without having to move your wrist into an uncomfortable position. If you watch, some guitar players who are standing up will even tilt the guitar up, so that they don't have to awkwardly hang their wrist and risk damage to it. Always works for me anyway. I play a lot of stuff that uses diminished sweeps and those you really gotta stretch for sometimes.