Ok, so we all know this guy... He is the youtube guy who sings "Chocolate Rain"... I watched some of his other videos and then came back here and searched for him and found nothing in any threads. There was one dedicated to the Chocolate Rain song, but none about him specifically. So I have decided to make this to have an open discussion about the man and his music.

No making fun of him without being at least somewhat constructive in doing so (i.e., dont just say he sounds like a dick without explaining why you feel that).

I figured we could post links to some songs of his and then talk about them and see how we all feel about this guy.

For those of you who do not know, this is his song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwTZ2xpQwpA
The first time i watched him i lol'd a little but after a while i was like ...

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Since he's a "Youtube Guy," would he not go in the Youtube Thread?


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If Tay Zonday isnt Pit material I'm not sure what is
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this needs to go in bands and artists man.
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Dude you are the biggest "Reporting/Kiss Ass" I have ever seen... This dont need to go in bands and artists, because the guy is neither. Why dont you pull your face out of the mods dumpers and grow up.

And exactly, Tay Zonday is definitely Pit material...
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