does anyone know of anywhere near maryland that would be able to refinish a guitar for me? i got a wrxt warrior back a few months ago for pretty cheap because the guy who had it put something that looks a bit like linex on it right. that stuff comes off pretty easy but im pretty sure it isnt gonna look the best after i get it cleaned up. i have doubts about my painting skills so i dont really want to try to do it myself. so, anybody got any suggestions?
The only way you can get better is practice. Take a look at the painting/refinishing thread and see if it's something you feel you are up to. you said the guitar was pretty cheap so why not make it a project guitar?
aside from the paint job, the only other thing that was wrong with it was the output jack. the hardware and everything else was all good. it even had a set of emgs in it. the body is in pretty good condition and if i ruin it then ill probably end up having to look for another jackson body. but the more i think about it, that might not be all that bad. maybe i could find a kelly or rhoads body if it goes poorly