I just got it for my Birthday,
My second acoustic guitar,
But now I'm finally finding acoustic versions of the rock songs I listen too.
On the 13th fret the strings make a weird buzzing noise.
then it's either 14 and 15 or 13 and 14 that sound the same.
Did the company not sand the fret down enough?
How can I fix it? I know it's not me.
I dont really have problems with not pushing hard enough on the strings.
Any help is appreciated!
two words: truss rod, get it adjusted, that is, if it has one, if it doesn't, beats me
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You'll need to get your frets leveled most likely. From what I'm reading on that brand it wouldn't be worth doing. I would recommend either bringing it back and putting down some extra cash on a higher quality guitar (particularly if it's your second) or learning to live with it because the cost of the guitar doesn't justify spending 50 bucks on a setup.
Believe it or not, This guitar doesn't sound bad at all.
I know the brand doesnt have a very good background or anything.
But this is one of those circumstances where the guitar is exceptional.
And when I said my second acoustic, I meant that it was the second one I owned.
I have a 1975 Morris. But if you could hear it you would understand.
What exactly needs to be done to it?
Fret level. It is possible that a truss rod adjustment would do it but given your description that doesn't sound like the culprit to me. Try looking down the fretboard from the bridge towards the nut and see if the neck is warped in any way first. I can't speak for you, and I haven't touched the guitar before, but I don't think it would be worth your money to level the frets. I would try and find an Epiphone Masterbilt on EBay for a decent price. I lucked out and got one for $200 American brand new and it's unbelievable (it had a USED stamp on it but for the life of me I can't find a flaw in it, maybe it was in the finish a they buffed it out.
Sounds like the best cure is a new bridge bar. Most guitar shops sell blanks and you replace the original one in the slot. That will leave the action way high so you take it out and file it down until its a bit higher than the original.
Filing the frets down is not a first option as you will probably only move the trouble to the next fret.
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I'll try the truss rod here in a second.
Should I make it tighter or looser?
I had the problem as soon as I got it.
But it's gotten worse over time.
Maybe the truss rod loosened itself...?
We'll find out.
Yeah, not too much better to be honest.
It's not as bad, but it still does that on those frets.
Everywhere else sounds fine though,
Does anyone know if this is a hard top or laminate?
It didn't say on the package...
But my 1975 Morris my friend gave me, (may I add free)
Sounds amazing, I'm pretty sure it's a hard top, sides, and back!
I cant find any info on it though.