Ok well i was using the guitar simulator painty thingy... because the other one wouldnt work for me so i had to use the only style they let you use lol. But basically

i dont know if that will work... but... thats the guitar scheme i want to do. I was going to get a professional to put it on there. The only difference is that it would be going onto an SG style guitar. Do you think that would look cool? taking all opinions
i was just curious and i would assume a lot of people on UG know what cool guitars look like and its nice to have opinions thats the only reason but thanks
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Body is cool, inlays and headstock not so much.

Resize your pic next time.

and yea sorry for double post but i was going for a better look on the body and it was not supposed to show the neck and headstock but i had to do something
inlays are ugly, and the headstock needs more of a bursty look. other than that, i love it.
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dunno man. i think this wud suit v style, or dean ml or razorback style bodies. not a full body like a les paul sg or strat.

That's what I was thinking too.
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well thanks for the input so far every bit helps on whether i do it or not lol its somewhat pricey... so thats another reason for asking
You should check out Peavey guitars, If putting custom images on a guitar is what you want to do.
..I was watching my death.
hm.......it looks ok, i dont like the type of guitar, with that particular layout. but it looks good
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TS, you know Kisekae has an SG so you can do that design on the SG over there

I went over to that site and u need to log in to do it. But when i tried getting an account there it wouldnt send my email a password so it was a no go...
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I went over to that site and u need to log in to do it. But when i tried getting an account there it wouldnt send my email a password so it was a no go...

Try this then:

It doesn't have an SG shape unfortunately, but it has guitar bodies that are more similar to SGs.
you only log in if you want to save it.

what is the design supposed to be?

i'd say that's pretty money... but i don't like the inlays...
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The design was just something i googled up... lol but i thought it looked pretty cool and its the right colors... its just like an "outer space altered" kind of thing

This was the picture
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i dunno man.. finish is not cool to me, but not appalling or bad either. I think it looks a bit feminine. i think the blue inlays are cool, but the dots look way too big. I think it would be freakin sick if they were blue led's. The switch should just be gibson style 3 way too, unless you're doing different wiring.
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