So I'm looking to better myself when it comes to short and sweet solos? No BS, no 30 second trills, no repeated runs for a measure or eight. Who or what songs would you guys recommend to hear some short beauties?
hmm can't think of any but i like the way you think cut all the BS out of a solo
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Waiting on the World to change?just use simple pentatonic licks, but don't play them for very long.

a solo is supposed to accomplish something. it's like only letting the singer sing for a minute: he won't get his point across. you don't have to shorten your solos in order to eliminate BS. emote through your solos.
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Hubert Sumlin when he was with Howlin' Wolfs band did some pretty simple, 12 bar solos, and also with some nice accompaniment fills during Wolfs harp solos..

Take any of the solos by Albert King or B.B King.. they're masters of keeping it all vocal with no wankery.

This is kinda what i've been doin a bit, but don't take it too far, there's definitely places for repeated licks, they help to build up tension & release, faster runs have their time too, but both these things sound even better when used sparsely. Repeated phrases are sick if you can lock into the beat
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-MAYC4k15Y - John Mayer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lw5aA7XUFw - John Mayer again

tasty licks, check out how laid back in the rhythm he is, sometimes plays phrases a bit late or a bit early, also see how cool it sounds when he changes from playing triplet phrases to the sixteenth notes (2nd video). Takes a bit to get those sounding tight, but well worth it

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1xvx0UHa0A - T-Bone..

This guy has amazing feel, one of the greats, repeated phrases made good^ THAT is how you use them.