Alright, so im teaching my self slap bass. i figured a good song to start with would be Higher ground by the chili peppers. Is playing slap supposed to absolutely rape your fingers, or am i doing it wrong. I have a huge blood blister on my index, and i just sliced open my middle finger. im out of commission for now. should i wait for them to heal over, or change my style?
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I'd wait for them to heal over and change to a less agressive style. Slapping takes a while to get more comfortable but I personally never found it painful.
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Yeah, it's a lot more friction, so a lot more grinding, more damage, you get the point. just let it heal, and start over. Rather than letting it get to the point where they blister, go until they're raw, and play normally or just wait until they feel better. For me this was the next day.
It looks like you messed up your popping fingers..i've never had that happen especially because trying to avoid snapping your strings is a natural deterrent from popping too hard. How hard did you pop?
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I'd say your doing something wrong. I've never hurt my fingers to that extent. My thumb starts to ache after like 2 hours but thats as bad as it gets.

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