Hello people, I've just started my second ever solo project, and I'm actually recording the songs I write, the first one is completely finished! YAY! Would love everyone to check it out and critique it.

I personally do not feel confident about it whatsoever, mostly coz of the mediocre quality and the fact that I'm not the best singer, so anything you guys can help me improve recording-wise, guitar-wise, or song construction wise would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!
The riffs on "Time will Have it's Way" are nothing short of great. The main one seems to stand out above the rest. The song is also structured well,I seemed to have fallen into the trap where you think its gonna end but it keeps kickin'.

The only criticism I can really say is among the quality,but thats the least of your worries,that can be fixed with not much effort. I use FL studio for my drums,so they sound very generic,and tend to disappear in the mix,while Reason 4 is much more specific. I'd use a multi band compressor (high on the treble,scoop the mids,keep the bass high,but lower than the treble),a subtle but obvious reverb,and alittle noise reduction (maybe a gate,but Audacity has the best free noise reduction) and then your guitar should sound much better (even though you'll basically be sacrificing your tone) you can EQ it the way you like though,and it should fit more with the Reason drums.

The solo work was nice,I was scared you'd sacrifice the atmosphere the riff gives off with some shredding,but you didn't,and to me,it worked out nicely.

The vocals were too soft,thats about it. When you went into the more intense voice,you pulled it off well,I think you should try to utilize it more often,until you can sing more comfortably and powerfully,but your voice wasn't bad by any means.

Hope this helps man.
The one thing that I didn't like so much were the vocals (The quiet ones). But I think it's easy to fix, you just have to sing louder and bring it a little lower in the mix.

I liked it other than that.
Thanks for the crit guys, its just given me a major confidence boost!

And Sami yes I use Reason 4, one of the things a friend of mine said was that the drums weren't exactly rock/metal rythms, and seeing as I made the beats myself I couldn't argue, I'm not a drummer. Apparently they're more RNB/Drum n Bass rythms..any thoughts on that?
-Shrugs-,I thought the drum rhythms were pretty tight,just the sound of them ya know? But yeah,Reason is more known for their synths more than anything else. I know lots of people who use EZDrummer,but I personally can spot those drums out VERY quickly,Pro Tools,if you can get ahold of it,has a drum sequencer that you'd be able to manipulate pretty well,but I still back FL Studio as the best because of its generic nature,not to mention its so easy to become use to,although,to any trained ear,the drums sound mechanic because of their perfect hits,but humanizing isn't THAT hard,its just an extra step you have to take.
Very cool, musically, this is a great track! The double bass on the drums is maybe a little too quiet, but overall, the drums are really neat and complex.
I kind of feel the same way as some other people, your voice could be a bit stronger, but that's easy to remedy. Keep up the nice work!
In response to your crit on my song, my drums are so weak because they're just a rhythm on a cheap keyboard I have, haha. I didn't actually make the rhythm myself
I really liked the 'straight cut' tone from your guitar
drum beats were pretty funky an all so thats a win from me! aha

im more into heavier stuff but this actually caught my attention
its structured pretty well
decent riffs an that

wasnt too keen on the vox but thats just me lol

overall i think youve done a real good job man!
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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

immediately I was impressed, it sounded really interesting from the first note onwards. you definately need to work on the singing and mixing, but unfortunately I cant help you with that, you're gonna have to find a way to do that yourself

anyways, I'm really impressed, I was expecting some generic crap, and was presented with a (albeit still rather rough) gem. keep on working on it and perfecting it! it has potential.
Quite nice, man. I was liking it from when it first started. Solid track, all you need to work on is the vox and mixing.