Im totally new at recording.. and want to know where i should start.. the only equipment that i have is a windows vista computer and my guitar set up.. what do i need and how do i do it?
get Audacity. It's free, look it up

as for recording, my setup is rather unusual, I record to a video camera which I treat as a mic, then input the video into my computer and rip the audio tracks out. I think someone else can give a better suggestion on recording paraphernalia.
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Simplest and cheapest way is to get a cheap microphone and plug it into your microphonejack if you want to get simple ideas down. Just set it up to record into something free like Audacity.

If you want studio quality guitars for a decent CD demo, however, you'll need a decent audio interface, assuming your PC has a bog standard sound card and not a fancy music production one.

The reason for this in simple terms is that basic soundcards are, well, crap for recording audio they're hissy and often the sound is worse than a cassette deck, you'll need adapters and will constantly be switching cables over behind your pc. You could get a mixer, but if the sound card is a poor one for recording it's better to get an audio interface (more on that in a sec). furthermore if you're into digital music and using midi input to control software synths and the like, because the digital to audio converter (DAC) chips on standard sound cards aren't up to much and take a while to process the signals between the gobbledegook coming out of your amp and the double-dutch used by the audio software, you get a delay between when you play and the audio being processed. In online gamer terms: lag. :p

So if you're serious about getting some decent quality demos recording then look into getting a firewire (or usb) audio interface - this acts as a sound card with super fast latency and other fancy bits that enable you to record properly. In this case you'd plug your guitar's line-out into an input on the audio interface and select the audio interface as the soundcard your music program uses to record from - it replaces your normal PC soundcard and gives you a bunch of easily accessible jacks to boot.

This bit is a bit better explained here : http://tweakheadz.com/setting_up_your_audio_card.htm

Alternatively, if you're recording on the move, I can totally reccommend the Boss BR series, I've got a BR600 and used it for band demos, recording samples and even live recording of gigs and the quality is immense - decent onboard mics, a quality drum machine, decent guitar effects, (including bass/acoustic simulators), EQ controls and 8 tracks make it all you need to record and master a demo tape. You can of course also export the tracks individually from the BR to a PC and mix/master them from there with your favourite mixing sofware, which is what i did with my bands recent demo's and it sounds pretty good

Hope this helps, for a really comprehensive site that'll teach you all about home studio recording in simple terms and for freebie check out http://tweakheadz.com/ , especially "The Guide" and "Ideas For Home Studio Rigs".

[Edit] oh and I forgot to add, a couple of things you might find useful...

1) POD XT pedals and the like act as audio interfaces via the USB cable. You cau record straight into audio software with these just select the POD XT as your soundcard (ASIO driver)
2) If you've a naff amp and can't afford a pedal or a nice combo, if you just play guitar in your studio then with a decent audio interface you can buy something like line6 POD farm and, basically, turn your PC into a POD and play it through your speakers. Get a cable to plug your pc speaker jack into your hifi and you'relaughing
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