Cocaine Blues by Rev. Gary Davis is pretty cool

Steady Rollin Man by Robert Johnson, uses that Long A

Once you learn the different positions of each chord and you know your pentatonic/blues/major scale blues positions you can just mix them all together and make up your own stuff as long as you know the 1-4-5 stuff and where the changes are
the man john lee hooker comes to mind, even most of his electric stuff would be good

that adam rafferty video is pretty good, I'd even call it toe-tappin good
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Reverend Gary Davis
Blind Willie McTell
Blind Blake
Lightnin' Hopkins
Big Bill Broonzy
Mississippi John Hurt
Mr David Viner
Robert Johnson
Blind Boy Fuller
Eric Clapton

Find the songs you like the most. Most picking/chord progs can be applied to lotsa songs.