Anyone else think this is pretty crappy of them? Have any other UGers suffered any damaged belongings as the result of carelessness by airlines?
happens to peple all the time, the guy wrote some songs about it too. and this thread has allready been done.
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If they did this to my Kramer, Taylor or Fender...




I'd be like, really upset, you know?
Sucks for him.

However, this could be the guy's big break. If he makes it big, it would be because of this, although he'd never admit it.
My family went on vacation in January, and when my uncle got his luggage after the return trip his suitcase was completly smashed, the handle was broken, it was missing a wheel and there were rips and tears all over it
EDIT: and on the same trip, they lost my uncle's friends luggage..it ended up in Atlanta and took them a week to get it back
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lol i saw a newscast of this.

best response ever.

and instant advertising success!
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i'm glad he just wrote a song. i would've broken some noses.
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yeah flying with westjet a few years back. put my ipod & my hunting knife(was gone hunting with family) in my suitcase right at the bottom and inside my rubber boots to it would be harder to get to and stuff.. I come off the flight. get home. and realize both my nano and my knife have been taken. So westjet gave me a free 500$ flying voucher
that sucks. i'd cry if they broke mine
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Those idiots did the same to me on my trip to Hawaii i lost all my close and had to spend my time in hawaii in ****ing tourist clothes with t shirts that say"aloha ma bratha"
needless to say i was pissed.
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My family went on vacation in January, and when he got his luggage after the return trip his suitcase was completly smashed, the handle was broken, it was missing a wheel, there were rips and tears all over it

Small family
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oh..i must've erased it somehow..what i mant was...my family went on vaction, and they destroyed my unlce's stuff..i'll fix

After I posted, I was worried that you actually did only have one family member, and that I was mocking you for it <_<
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When i went to vegas, i watched them throw my guitar from the window, much as the same as he. my guitar was fine though, my gator case is stronger than mexicans!


See, this is why I take my guitar as a carry-on.

Those morons just throw everything.
must suck to watch people throwing your expensive guitar around, i would've went crazy.
at least he got a good song out of it and a crap load of publicity for his band
That's why I don't check my guitars.... >_>
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lmao oh god haha iunno why but im laughing like a jackass right now. that just killed me
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He totally should have smashed his guitar at the end of the song.
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I'd be right pissed off if that happened to me.
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I would be maddd.
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When I saw the picture at the top of the article, I was like "He just sat there while they smashed several of his guitars?"

Then I lol'd. That is a shame though.
Well my skateboard was snapped in half >.< I also lost a whole suitcase full of my clothes at the luggage collection place.
a little lost.....
I'd forget them giving me the runaround, i'd DRIVE to their bloody hq and claim right there. Hell, i'd probably barge right into the CEO's office.

But is it possible for us to take guitars on as hand luggage???
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Blackrat has won this thread. That is an awsome post.

This was posted right after I posted said post in a completely different thread... Whups.

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Bit of an old thread, but people in New Zealand always are late to the party like that.
I saw this on the news a few hours ago. It was linked with an update on the old story of the highschool students who took down the manufacturers of Ribena for lying for years after they found out in a science project that the Vitamin C content wasn't what it was being stated to be.

To the above, as stated by the video in the above post, it is possible to take a guitar as carry on IF it's in a case. They suggest you print off the regulations list and show it to any airline who tries to **** with you.

Also, a new bit of info. According to this site
the airline went and lost $180 million US after this video was posted.

I laughed rather heartily at their plight.
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