Can i use a guitar practice amp as a sort of preamp to add distortion and other effects in front of a bass amp? will this damage either amp?

signal path will look like this in case i didnt explain it welll enough:

bass>line 6 mini amp>bass amp (with the output on the mini amp connected to the input on the bass amp)
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Not from the output of the line 6. But if it has a "line out", and your bass amp has a effects loop you could run it that way.
To your idea. That output is made to drive a speaker, it'll destroy the other amp.
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what if i run it through the stereo input for a cd player on the bass amp instead of into the main input? would that be better?
RIP George Carlin (1937-2008)
No, it still wouldn't work. The impedance won't match and will likely severely damage the one you're running into.
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