Its certainly very interesting. I'm not personally sure what type of style your going for, so I can't give a completely accurate view, however, what I can say:

- I think the Intro is brilliant, I love the way the chords overlay, and I love the use of the tom drums, I think it makes quite a haunting sound (in a good way).
- The vocals add to this effect, if thats what your aiming for then excellent.
- The solo is very atmospheric, and the notes you chose are good.

BUT - The solo needs to much louder, I cant hear it very well...

Sorry that I cant help you more, its qutie nice though.

EDIT: Also my stuff is on www.purevolume.com/wheretoprogress if you fancied giving me some tips, likewise, i'm not a great singer.
Thanks man! I really didn't aim for any style,I kind of just found some chords I liked,and ran with what sounded and fit in best.

I left feedback in your thread,hope it helps.