Hello, Ive played guitar for about 6 or 7 years. Ive always used a crappy little crate amp. I found bough myself a really good guitar and am now looking for a top of the line half stack. Looking for suggestions on what kind of amp heads to look at. Money isnt a issue, its all about sound. My favourite stuff to play is Guns n roses and Metallica. I know thats a big difference so I guess i need an amp with some range. I was told jcm 800 would be a good amp. I just dont know alot about amps and not sure what I should go tryout. I seen this amp online it looks pretty badass.


Any tips would be greatly appriceated. Thanks for your time.

Look at the new Randall Kirk Hammett series of amps, different plugs allow for different settings (modules), a lot of flexibility.
jcm is a great amp slash uses it to record but you should look in to some mesa/boogie half stack. They have the nicest clean i've ever heard period. The lonestar ecpesially the stilletto is a very versitile amp it can handl hard rock better than the lone star but its more expensive and doesn't have that edgey rock sound that other amps likes the jcm 800 does.
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how much is money not an issue? if i suggested something for $5k would you still be open to it? at those sorts of prices you want to look beyond the major brands to boutique stuff.

a jcm 800 would prob suit quite nicely, though you may want to look into mesa or peavey as well. what amps have you played so far? what did you dislike and like about each one (probably dislike is more important)
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Look at the new Randall Kirk Hammett series of amps, different plugs allow for different settings (modules), a lot of flexibility.

You do realize that he just has a signature head shell and modules, right? That's just a fancy looking Randall RM100 (it had some mods to the power section, but they've recently made that standard in all the MTS amps).

I was about to say perhaps an RM100, a KH-1 for cleans, SL+ for medium-high gain, and maybe a KH-3 or Grail for high gain. Look into it
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If money is really not an issue, then you want to look at amps further up than Peavey. Think Bogner, Budda, Diezel, Riviera etc. I have to say the Diezel VH-4 is probably the best all-round amp I've played.
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Honestly i havent got to try any amps at all, there is no local music stores here. I played my buddies jcm 800 and thought it was pretty badass, but when u havent even played a tube amp everything sounds good haha. and yeah 5000 is a little much id like to stay under 2000. I didnt know they went up that high

^Under 2000???
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