I have a quick question. I just picked up a Charvel at a local pawn shop for $100. I've been looking up whatever I could about and so far, it looks like its a 750XL model which is apparently rare. The guitar perfectly matches the description found of the guitar on Wikipedia. Is there any sure way I could identify it?

EDIT: Nevermind on the 750XL. From the looks of it, the guitar is neckthrough, not set neck. Although that find is rather depressing, could still use some help identifying the guitar. I will have a picture as soon as possible.

Guitar Info:
24 Frets
Schaller made Licensed Floyd Rose
1 Volume
1 Tone
5 Way Selector
2 Jackson Humbuckers
Upside down sharkfin inlays
Cherry Sunburst-ish
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cant do much without pics

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