I'm looking to get my hands dirty and build an amp, this is my first time working with tubes/building an amp, so I'm mainly looking for a well-documented build. Not interested in ceriatone or weber kits.

I'm thinking a 5e3 build, simple but a nice tone. Looking at the marsh amps or mission amps version. Anyone have experience with either of these companies, or can recommend another 5e3 kit that is well-documented and comes in combo form?

While we're at it, are mm transformers worth the extra money compared to a heyboer or similar?

I've looked at allen amps as well, after a lot of research, but I'd end up getting a brown sugar, which is about $400 more than the others and not really what I'm after.

Leaning towards the mission right now, unless you guys can convince me otherwise.
I honestly have no experience with either company. If I were to buy from either, I would go with the Marsh. It seems that they have high grade components, and it seems like a really good deal. If you were to source those parts out individually, it'd probably be more. Plus you can assume (dangerous word there) that the cabinet is going to be of good quality.

If you have the money, I'd get the Mercury output transformer. They have very high quality products, and it does make a difference.

With the 20 page instruction manual, I hope they have a safety disclaimer. Here are a view great resources for amp building and safety:

Thanks man. I have some experience working with circuits, and have a few years of study under my belt, but just haven't worked with tubes or an amplifier, hence why I want it well-documented. I'll be sure to read all of that before starting, just to make sure there's nothing new.

Both kits have very positive reviews, including people making a specific mention of how nice the cab is, so I'm only slightly worried about that part .

Anyone have a link to a thread of soundclips someone did with different ot's in an amp? I don't think it was on ug, but I haven't been able to find it again. It was weber, heyboer, mercury magnetics, and maybe hammond.