UG!! What do you think of this guitar work?

It has extended guitar solos in and I beleive it might appeal to many of you.... fcukin hope so .

For you shredders to critique well i guess the solos features:

Bending, vibrato, tapping, slides, alternate picking, double stops.

Its called ABOUT TIME, you can listen to it on my profile.

I command you to listen now!

When the singing kicked in I swear I barfed!
Nah just kidding
It was aqtually quite good
well, yer definitely making music. congratulations, most people who play instruments don't get this far. your songs put together, cohesive, and pleasant sounding. so, lets get to improvements. you need to play the brootalz: blood, body parts, and chainsaw guitar tones. remember, 'in this business, you either gotta play the blues or sing with a high voice'.

jk, independent of genre, there are improvements to be made. most of them have to do with accumulating a billions hours in recording and getting your production better. this usually starts out with better preamps with more i/o, then better mics, then a better recorder. i started on home stereo's, went to a tascam portao2, went to a fostex mr-8, ended up on a macbooks with 8 channel firewire interface and recording software. i do believe it is very important to learn on worse stuff when starting as it allows you to appreciate the better equipment later.

work on making the mix smoother, the drums need to fill the mix more, make transitions smarter and easy so the song flows. these are all skills that take a bunch of time. keep at it, you've already made the journey further than most so you might as well go the distance.
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The song was actually not too bad. This is my critique...
at .53 in the song just before the solo there is a sound increase. (not mixed or balanced well) mind you this is a fix in the mixing. The vocals, I would lay off the effects, because it kills the song. Mix the vocal to get a more natural sound, that would give the song strength and bring the vocals forward. On the chorus then I would give the effects you currently have for the vocals, but slightly less presence.
Drums could be more crisp. The Bass needs more umpfh....

anyways that is my opinion friend.

hope this makes sense? I do like your solo it is very good.
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