Acoustic Ideas 1-4 in my profile. Please check out a few of them since they're all around the 1 minute mark.

It's not actually an acoustic, it's the acoustic simulator preset on my Digitech RP 250. They're just supposed to be played on an acoustic, but since I don't have one, I can't.

Crit for crit of course too.
Acoustic 1: I like the strumming pattern, it feels nice and original. The small fills in between chords were nice, even if it left the piece as a whole feeling a little empty, but that won't matter once this is part of a larger mix.

Acoustic 2: At times the strumming felt awkward (31ish), other than that it was nice. The progression itself sounds relaxing, but builds up well and also fades away well.

Acoustic 3: The intro is awesome, the hammers/slides were a great addition. There was a good and easy transition into the ending, which sounded a bit eerie, but cool. And nice strumming on the last few chords. :P

Acoustic/Electric 4: The beginning sounded very nice, especially the backwards strum. The fills were also very fitting and added flavor in a good way. When the electric came in, I almost jumped, so GREAT job with that! It may have too much distortion, but I'm not sure. :49 sounded badass, it was a good addition. The ending sounds awesome, too.

Good job on these, I'd love to see these ideas turn into full length songs!
acoustic 3 was deff my favorite
reminded me of stairway a little bit but it was still really cool
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https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1133087 or myspace.com.soylband

PS: I really wanna hear those guitar ideas with some vocals cuz they would all sound really good with vocals or even a little slide guitar with some delay over them
Cheers for the crit in my thread.

I checked out acoustic 3 as requested, and it definently sound like some sort of homage to Stairway to Heaven! The tone was lovely and the different sections mixed together well. Those little slides and trills sounded great. I wonder if they'd come out so nice if you were actually using an acoustic! Overall, i'd say it was really good. I can't think of any valid suggestions, except maybe, if you can sing - do it!
Those where pertty good, but the acoustic program sound kinda ruined it for me a little, its way to bright and you cant hear the upper bass strings, I would record it in just a clean tone, or mabey with a little chours till you get an actual acoustic guitar, but lyrics would deffinatly make the songs better, Plus the third one was my favorite.

see some of my acoustic work?