So I am creating this thread to ask the questions, to moderators, why they do what they do. By this, I mean, why do they close certain threads that dont really belong in other forum areas but that fit in with the normal flow of the Pit. Why certain people are banned for one type of offense but not someone else who has been found to be doing the exact same thing as the before mentioned banned person. I guess my real question is how do y'all decide what is allowable and what is not person by person? I have noticed that each different Mod has his/her own "style" of governing, but I would think that there should be a kind of universal type of rules that all of the Mods have to follow for each situation with no exceptions, but being that this is the internet I know that that can not be.

So mods, I ask you, what is it that makes you decide what to do in each situation.

PS- For those of you who I'm sure will try to report this, I thoroughly went through the rules and this does not violate them in anyway...
a thing I also want them to ask:
Why do you close threads without a statement why you closed it.... its annoying as hell
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Yes, every mod has their own style really. Some are more relaxed than others, but others ban on the spot. I think it balances itself out really.

I want to give a shoutout to all the mods and admins. Meh!, daytripper, divided, and everyone else. Thank you for protecting me from goatse, rickrolling, and lolwut. It really makes a difference to making this site more enjoyable.

why didnt you just pm the mods?

oh yeah, i love you mods, dont kill me
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See there you go, trying to report something that is not against the Pits rules. I am not trying to get anything changed, just better understand why things are done the way they are. If I wanted to change something here I would pick something a little more valuable...
I am pretty sure they follow the rules objectively
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The rules clearly state that any warnings, bans, thread closures or anything at all is AT THE MODS' DISCRETION.

There's your answer.
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