I was wondering if an artist could rely only on pedals to get his effect ??? with the quality of boutique stuff , although nothing replace the distortion from the amp ,

do you think someone could rely only on his pedalboard to get all his sound and plug into a quality power amp .

Im asking because i might start gigging soon. having a pedalboard is easy to carry from place to place since many venue supply the cab and sometimes the power amp too .

No heavy thing to carry . just the pedal board in a case

do you know artist who use pedals for their `main`tone ????

does a high quality pedalboard can compete with i.e a mesa boogie / marshall jcm distortion that come from the amp ???

im mostly talking about OD and distortion / fuzz . also tremolo , flanger , reverb , delay pedals but maily OD /distortion
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pedals, boutique or not, wont ever really sound like an amp. but they can get damn close. Lots of artists use distortion pedals for their tone rather than the amp's distortion. Kurt Cobain used a boss ds-1 for distortion i believe. There are also a number of metal bands that use line 6 pods straight into the PA system for their sound. It works for some, for most it doesnt. If you can make it work that way and have it sound good then I guess you've saved yourself a lot of money on a good amp.
You'd still need a Pre-amp.

However, using something like an AxeFx and plugging it into a power amp is becoming very common.
trey Anastasio gets all of his drive from his two TS9s. don't quote me on this, but i think Dave Gilmour uses clean amps then uses dirt boxes for his sound.
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my whole sound is from the pedalboard except the clean channel on the amp
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As said, you'll never totally duplicate a driven amps tone, because simply, it isn't the amp. But for some, it's not necessarily about finding the sound of a driven amp in pedal form, it's about literally taking your box of pedals and fashioning them so that they sound how you want them to sound. It totally ignores an amps “true tone”. Which is why it works: because those musicians aren't afraid to create their individuality; a new sound.