Okay guys, even though I've been playing guitar on and off for a number of years I can safely say I'm still very much a beginner. I know there are many threads here dealing with this topic but I still have to ask. I know all the open chords, etc and I need to know what techniques all you pros have used to make your chord changes fast, fluid and easy. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to get up the speed especially when changing from like an open G major chord to an open C major chord. I think I'm having a problem with muscle memory and just can't get it down! Any thoughts or suggestions? Right now I'm playing on an Ibanez acoustic buy plan on buying an electric soon. I'm making good progress except in this area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
You just have to keep practicing and getting that muscle memory , strength and flexibility. What really helped my chord playing was joining a jazz band, and being in the rhythm section. Almost all you end up playing is chords, so it was either sink or swim.
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learn a few fast Ska songs and practice them. works wonders for your chord playing and changing ability
Streetlight Manifesto is a good band to look at
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In my opinion G to C open chords was the hardest to learn because they are totally different shapes, at least with changes like Cmajor to Aminor you dont have to do as much finger movement, but the answer has already been stated.

Practice slowly and make sure you are getting the most efficient movement between chord changes, I practiced it by just strumming consistently and going back and forth between the two chords I was having trouble changing between. It can get very repetitive but it helps on so many levels.
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@ metalimaster, G and C look almost excatly the same and are by far the easiest to change from, as long as you only use your; ring, middle and pinky finger on the G.

anywho, try moving your point finger first, and letting everything kind of pivot into the next chord

i guess it depends how you finger your G. i usually use my 2nd finger on the E, 1st finger on A, 3rd and 4th fingers on B and e.

but yeah, the ONLY way to get good at chord changes it practice them. learn something like wonderwall (first song that came to my mind that had open chords) or just learn the intro chord progression to Boulevard of broken dreams (its slow and has time to let you change chords). and just keep playing there progressions over and over and over and.... over until you can play it fluently.

we were all **** at chord changes at pone stage. NOBODY just picks it up first try.
well I wouldn't consider myself a pro or something by replying to this but Gmaj to Cmaj open chords is pretty simple. Just practice playing the Gmaj chord like this

                 I        II       III       IV
          e |--------|----------|----5----|------------                      Numbers equal Fingers:
          B |--------|----------|---------|------------                      1 Thumb, 2 Index, 3 Middle,
          G |--------|----------|---------|------------                      4 Ring, 5 Pinkie
          D |--------|----------|---------|------------                      Latin Numbers are the Frets
          A |--------|----3-----|---------|------------                      
          E |--------|----------|----4----|------------       

If you play the Gmaj like this, you can easily take off your pinkie while slipping middle and ring finger 1 string higher and place your index finger on the 1st fret of the B string!

                             Gmaj                                                       Cmaj
                 I        II       III       IV                                I        II       III       IV        
          e |--------|----------|----5----|-----------             e |--------|----------|---------|-----------   
          B |--------|----------|---------|-----------             B |----2---|----------|---------|-----------   
          G |--------|----------|---------|-----------             G |--------|----------|---------|-----------   
          D |--------|----------|---------|-----------             D |--------|----3-----|---------|-----------   
          A |--------|----3-----|---------|-----------             A |--------|----------|----4----|-----------   
          E |--------|----------|----4----|-----------             Ex|--------|----------|---------|-----------   

I hope you get the idea :>