Well, how should I begin... I'm looking for a TAB especially on the accoustic part of this Song:

Dope - Another Day Goes By

I tried to figure out the chords on my own but I just can't get it, especially the 3rd and 4th bar with the hammer ons/pull offs. The first two chords seem to be Gm and Fmaj, if anyone could help me out please Even the chords would do it, I think they change from Gm to Fmaj to Cm to D#m or another related split chord. But due to the variations my stupid ears and brain just don't figure it out correctly.

I'd really appreciate it.
Well, I hate to be the only one replying to my own thread but I tried to put my thoughts down into a .gp5. Its just a stub, the accoustic part + singing for the first 20 bars of the song.
Hope anybody with better ears could correct me or something.

For the gp5 check the attachment!