Well, it's different everywhere. I love the smell of fresh mulch.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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10,000 lbs.

^ exactly this.
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May I ask why you need 5 tons of mulch?

Or is that just a ridiculous question?
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that would be 5 tons i believe, or 10000 lbs, whatever

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That would be the ammount of pasos.
Not sure man

Just go to/call you're local bunnings and ask them.
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Yes, and I secretly know, but I'm keeping it a secret.

Just go to your garden centre, ask how much it is, and ask if you can somehow get a discount for ordering a shitload of it, either from them, or whoever they get it from.
5 tons of mulch really isnt that much. Id say around $100-$200 at $20-$40 per ton.
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okay, first off, i meant how much does it cost, not weigh

and i need it to renovate the playground equipment at my church
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"The sun is a cube, not a sphere."

"The sun is a cube, not a sphere."


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"The sun is a sphere, not a cube."

"The sun is a sphere, not a cube."