On my profile I have 3 recordings of me singing All along the watchtower with the guitarist and basist in my newly formed band and a backing track. recorded on 2 different days. (drums and rythm couldnt make it)

What can I do to improve my singing? I just need a little help.

are you serious?
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oh and this is jsut me and some friends jamming so it isnt very serious. they are some random funny things that just kinda happened in the middle
OMG! why are you playing with that guitarist? (lead) but anyway, about your voice i just think it is the feeling, put more in it, you sound like the weezer guy

whats wrong with the guitarist? sure its just a penatonic scale, but it was our 1st and 2nd jam.
oooo........#3 is really bad. focus on the other 2 please. wow

i think i have an okay voice, i just need to work on making it sound RIGHT.
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