so a while back, my dad bought me an ibanez rg 7321, link to ibanez below, played one in guitar center, thought it was good enough for me for how long i've been playing... but he got it off ebay... bridge completely rusted over, nut and tuning heads are dead/dying and the pickups, other that the bridge which i got changed to a dimarzio x2n 7, are complete and total crap


so now, i know that i'm gonna get it completely set up and parts replaced, best part, my dad's paying for it because it was his screw up gotta love moms

anyway, so i need help with good:

tuning heads
a bridge
pots that could allow for coil tapping if at all possible
a nut
and a good pup to complement the x2n for the neck, wanting to stick with dimarzio

and, if at all possible, i would like two types of each:
1: just decent replacement to act just as good as like if i bought it new,
2: the best to where it's perfect and won't have to be replaced for quite a while

thanks for the help, also, if it cost to much with installation and stuff, i'll just end up getting a new guitar

Note, i have no budget, just get ideas of some stuff that's about middle of the road, and then stuff that's uber high quality, trying to get a good price range to show my parents to decide a plan of action, thanks
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PAF Pro for neck, Gotoh tuners should work, just swapped mine out for black chrome ones, get a nut from Stewmac.com, i'd get a hipshot 7 fixed bridge, and i dont know anything about pots.

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u should get a fixed bridge and replace the saddles with graph tech strings savers and also replace the nut. it'll help tonal wise. u should get schaller or grover locking tuners. u should expierement w/ pickups to find ur own sound. sucks that u got a crap guitar from ebay.
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thank you, but for ibanez, should i get a nut for fender, or gibson style guitars, link to site below


i got the fender one because i was going to replace mine, but its too small so go for the gibson, you can always file the big ones down to fit anyway.

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