Im wondering if its such a stupid idea to use a lav' mic on my mandolin....

I hate piezo pickups and feedback shouldn't be too much of an issue playing acoustic folk with the mandolin...

(i hav'nt actually got the lav' mic yet but i'm getting one as part of a wireless kit)

Would this work? using a lav/lapel mic on a mandolin..... and if so where's the best place to mic it as lav' mic's are omnidirectional...
My music prof uses one sometimes for on the spot outdoor performances where they don't feel like bringing out all the gear. Apparently it works quite well so give it a shot. He puts it on the soundhole, as far as for on a mandolin if it has f-holes you may want to try those first.
ill defiantly give it a shot... (i dont realy want to go to a gig with that as my only option and then have it feed back though.... ill still see what happens)

miking the f-holes would probity give more gain before feedback though would i not get better tone by miking lower-left of the body... (im a studio engineer but i can honestly say even though i play it.... ive never recorded a mandolin )