Ive been thinking about this for a couple of days now and decided to switch over from guitar to bass in my band.
Heres the bass I'm getting - "

What are your view on the Thunderbird?
Also Im looking to customize it in someway, because that just looks boring.
What do you suggest I do.

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searchbar for the "only" thunderbird thread somewhere on this forum for the definitive anthology of the UG bass forum's thoughts about thunderbirds. but basically, pros = looks (depends on the person) and possibly tone (depends even more on the person); cons = neck dive, bad upper fret access, unstable bridge, looks (although that is a nice color of red), and tone (again, depends)
Yay fibonacci!

I'm not going to rant in another Thunderbird thread.
Just don't do it. Searchbar for reasons why.
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Dude I wouldn't change a thing. I'm liking that shiny red, it has a cool kinda classic look.
Me personally, I've never been a huge fan of the Thunderbird. I've had my eye on an Epiphone EB-3.
people are gunna say ewwwwwww a thunderbird but they relly arent that bad. dont listen to them
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i like em...watch out for neck dives but the tone is solid...it's a great deal for $300.

Bass tones are hard to find.
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i'm with primusclaypool their. People always gripe about them, but they aren't bad. I like them, they got a nice vibe to them, maybe try b4 u buy.

I liek that shiny candy red!!!

ya, there is a thunderbird thread, but we all forget to check searchbar every once in a while, lighten up people!!
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