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OK girlies, lyke I've got a full closet just FULL of shoes, lyke what kinds do you have?!?!

Really though, this is about shoes. I own three pairs of shoes (not counting sandals, slippers, and other shoe things like boots and what not).

What kinds of shoes do you guys have?
What size shoes do you wear?
How much do you usually pay for shoes?
How often do you buy shoes?


This thread is about shoes (not pikashoes).
edit: NOT ABOUT PIKASHOES I set myself up on purpose to find Pikashoes...

anyway, these are the shoes I own:

~$60 ; 9's ; Two years old

$35 + $15 shipping ; 8.5's ; They are coming in the mail

and a pair of dress shoes and a pair of hunting boots (I'll find pictures later)
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I have one pair of shoes.

I wear them everywhere, and they have served me well.

Without me, my shoes are useless

Without my shoes, I am useless.
I have a pair of pinstripe globes for skating
a pair of brown oneil's for the beach
and a pair of vans for casual wear.

size 11
usually about $30-$40
and probably buy some maybe twice a year.

I really want to get some legit nike's but I have to wait until I have money to waste :/
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I have one pair of shoes.

I wear them everywhere, and they have served me well.

Without me, my shoes are useless

Without my shoes, I am useless.

watching jarhead, I assume?

I only have one pair as well. they're all I need.
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my gear:

oh wait, no one cares
My main pair are Converse of some type, black and white, non-Chucks. Size 10.

Sometimes I wish I had smaller feet though. And pikashoes.

4 pair
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A pair of shoes for marching band, a pair of sandals, and my everyday skate shoes.

These are the only footwear I own.
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People really care about shoes ? woah

Edit : oh sorry, I didn't read the ''OK girlies''
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a month old is fairly new. I wasn't being a douche, just making a statement. and its a thread named "The Shoes Thread" so its pretty obvious to post shoe-related things there...
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Haters gonna hate
one pair of heels I wore to prom (NEVER again will I torture myself like that)
sneakers that are seriously worn out
a pair of platform sandals
ridiculously worn out mesh pool sandals
Boots with duct tape on them
extreme outdoor REI water sandals

I mooch shoes rom goodwill and friends. I never pay more than $5 and I get shoes replaced every 6ish years I think. Mostly, I love me some sandals.
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Hm, I could never get into Converse, they are so thin.
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My purple van slip ons. size; 9.5(USA)
and my royal blue converse. same size
My favorite shoe was the converse Weapon hightops, it was so comfy and amazing.
I wear a pair of all black high top chucks w/ green laces. Size 6. I have tiny feets.

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Meh, a 20 dollar pair of white and green etnies that I've had for almost a year now. I've bought the same style of shoe for the past 4 years, just in different colors. Since then, I've gone from an 11 to a 14.
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pairs of shoes..hmm I've grew them out methinks but I have 3 I wear. A pair of etnies that I wear daily, a pair of running shoes, and some dress shoes. Size 11.
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The Who Converse HiTops (the ones with the Union Jack)
Black and Red Converse HiTops
Grey with Red bottom Converse Volitant Ox
Adidas Adissages (the ones everyone has)
Brown Loafers for somewhat formal occasions
Black formal shoes for suits and whatnot

I am proud. I only have 7 pairs of shoes. Most girls have 7 kinds of one type of shoes.
I HATE shoes. Seriously. They trap my feet, make them sweat, and are generally bothersome and useless. I would go barefoot everywhere if I could. If I HAVE to wear shoes, I wear leather flip flops or these old leather moccasin-like slip on shoes.

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I have a pair of converse (High tops, and covered in mud, paint and ****)
a pair of vans (I never wear them, and actually kind of hate them)
a pair of combat boots
a pair of nikes (I use them for sports/running)

and I'm getting a pair of engineer boots soon

all size 13
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some rasta ipath shoes for skating
nikes for running
and alot of chucks(low top). I have red, black, classic, green, grey, clear glow in the dark, and the who ones
I have 2 pairs of Converse (one has a pink stripe, both Size 5.5)
A few heels/sandals
A pair of Cleats (Softball)
A pair of K-Swiss shoes
A pair of Nike Relax shoes (For track [Which I no longer do] and Gym)
A pair of KangaROOS
A pair of Jordans

I wear a size 7 1/2 - 8.

I usually wear sneakers when I go to school, because it's SO crowded there and you are bound to get your feet stepped on. I don't buy shoes very often, but I need to get some boots. My pants are always soaked when I come in from walking in the snow.
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I've got a pair of Etnies that I wear for almost everything, and a pair of dress shoes.

That's it. Although I need a new pair of sneakers, as these are a couple years old and worn out.
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