My guitar teacher gave me this for free.

The Amp:
Gibson Ranger GA 55 RVT
serial # AO50074

Tube Content:
2 Tung-Sol (USA) 5881
Sylvania 12ax7
GE 12au7 (ECC82)
GE 6CG7*
3 no name GEU7 (USA)
* the numbers and letters were a little worn off.

If anyone knows any info about this amp. Can you please let me know. Thanks

HNAD, you lucky son of a bitch. I'd love to get a free tube amp.
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Inputs: 2+2
Channels: 2
Volume Controls: 2
Tone Controls on Each Channel: Bass, middle, treble
Jazz Switch: No
Presence Switch: 2
Tremolo: Yes
Reverb: Yes
Diodes: 3
Extension Speaker Jack: Yes
Monitor Jack: Yes
Watts Output: 50

Push-pull 6L6s; like a 6G8 Fender Twin; plus reverb




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I'm thinking early-mid 60's. It'll probably have that old Gibson sound, which is kinda like tweed fender mixed with Ampeg. I've not played that particular model, but I have played a couple GA20RVT's and they sound great.
HNFAD. I'd love me some vintage gear.
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You...are....LUCKY...and I....am....JEALOUS. I'd love to get a nice tube amp....especially a vintage one....especially a vintage one for free. HNAD!!!!!!Lucky!!!
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****in nice! i wanna hear some clips
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I would make a comment about stealing this, but I know what picture would get posted in response...

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Unless its electronic drums.

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I would make a comment about stealing this, but I know what picture would get posted in response...

I haven't played it yet. A couple reasons.

First, my teacher, who is 77, cut the thing in half. It was originally a 4x10 combo. He is a little guy and it was too heavy for him. Honestly, I don't know what ohm speaker I need.

Second, it is dirty as all hell. I'm cleaning it as we speak. If you were to see this guys house, your jaw would drop. So much ****. Cool **** like old tube stereos and the like. His house is like a maze it is so cluttered. His wife died about 10 years ago and he just collects stuff.

I emailed Gibson and honestly, I really haven't searched much on this amp yet. I don't drink, but last night. I had 5 or 6 vodka and Red Bulls, so I'm a little slow this morning.

I'll have gut shots once the chassis is out.
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This has to be ancient... When's the last time Gibson has come out with a new amp? (hopefully I don't look like a retard for saying that lol)

Free, vintage gear... I don't think it gets m uch better than that