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New song, called Foundations.

It's on my music myspace - www.myspace.com/ScarletteSJ

It's not as "good" quality as I expected it to be because I rushed the whole thing today in a span of like 3 hours and a half.

So check out the song Foundations, as well as the other songs too if you want.

Thank you!

I really like it the only thing you could improve other than professional quality sound is adding some vocals.
That was a pretty good song. Good guitar work though as you said the quality could have been better but you played well. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the drums sounded a little annoying at times, but nothing major. Good job on it, overall.

I hate to be a *****, but perhaps you could critique mine? =)
Not any one song in particular, but RakkaSmakka and RakkaSmakka003 are the two I'm most interested in hearing about.


I made a recent thread about it here.
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Ya know, if I still had a myspace I would of definatly added you, that is some good stuff, I really like the guitar, and your genra, Happy Hardcore.lol. The drums are pertty good, are you actually playing the drums or do you have a program? and if you use a program I would love to know what it is.