i have an ibanez RG1570, with an edge pro bridge. i would like to know how to tighten my tremolo arm, so when i use it i dont have to reach so far, so i can let it sit in place. thanks!
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Just spin the arm around in it's socket, as in, literally just screw it in more.
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Well, What I do on my Strat's bridge, is I take the arm...and turn it to the right, as if you're screwing in something, such as...a screw. Really simple thing, and I'm sorry if I'm making you sound dumb, really, no worries. However, I think I've heard that if you keep the arm to tight, It can break off...which would be rather problematique.
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Just to let yall know not every trem arm tightens like a vintage strat trem.

I can't remember if the pro has a hex on the side of the trem cavity to adjust tension
this one has the pop in whammy bar right? if so how many bushings do you have on the arm? and yeah supposedly there is a screw to adjust the tightening of whammy bar but i don't know where it is exactly