I can sort of do this hybrid picking thing.....
but i want to improve in it, I already know Cliffs of Dover and a few Guthrie Govan licks that use it but, I cant find all that many song that use it

But can you guys suggest any excercises or licks that will help me with hybrid picking?

I honestly dont care what kind of style it is if you give me some licks ......I would actually be most happy with country style
If you'd be most happy with country style, look up Jerry Reed, I know he used a lot of Hybrid picking (Pretty sure that's where EJ got his hybrid picking techniques from).

Jazz uses Hybrid picking, and if I recall Jeff Beck kinda uses it too (though he uses just his fingers and not a pick and finger technique).
hybrid picking can be hard when tryin to find thing to learn, the songs are either all too easy or too hard!!

what i do is just hybrid songs dat arnt originally hyrbid picked haha, it works with crosspicking songs, a lot of radiohead stuff is like dat

if you can play bron yr aur stomp or white summer by led zeppelin u shud pretty much hav it!!
probably the most famous hybrid picking lick is the intro to stairway to heaven
everyone i know who hybrid picks does it a different way, find your own style.

try bucketheads live version of "pure imagination", its very simple
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oops sorry guys...I forgot to say in my first that I wanna challenge myself
but thx for the help anyway
can you reccomend me harder stuff plz ,Id really appreciate it