Hello,my name is nick im really serious about starting a band

ive been playing for bout 3 and a half years,im 14 but it doesnt matter how old you are just as long as your good though,uh i live in dresden tn which is close to martin and paris tennessee,so if your interested plaese call (phone number removed for your own safety) or better yet txt me and ill call u (because i got my phone tooken up and wont get it back for a couple of weeks and mised calls dont show up for some reason but txt do and i check like evryday so yeah irf u got any more questions please text and ill call u bak

o ya one last thing only classic rock and or metal but mo emo crap and u half to hate rap.i do.
Nick Stroud
This should be in the Musician Ads forum.

Edit: Did you really post your phone number on an internet forum?

It was the only task I would undertake...

...to reap the harvest that was mine

- [ P R O G - H E A D ? ] -
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