So the other day I was playing with my whammy pedal doing Tom Morello stuff, and suddenly I broke out into a triplet string skipping thing:

--19-17-15------------ x4 -19-17-15-----------------------------------15-17-19-
-------------19-17-15- ------------19-17-15-----------15-17-19--------------
------------------------- -----------------------16-14-16--------------------------
------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

I suddenly found I could play the whole thing picking each note clearly and quickly. This got me stoked, so I played other triplet string skipping stuff and found I could play it too. So I've kept up practicing that kind of stuff for the past few days and it becomes easier and easier, slowly becoming like second nature.

Now that that's out of the way: I'm wondering if I should pay to get lessons at my local music shop. They mainly play metal, and the heaviest stuff I play is Satch and Gilbert. The rest is just alternative and rock.

If I keep working on speed and hand synchronization and study the scales and also start studying theory, is it really necessary for me to pay for lessons? What do you think?

I'm not developing an ego or thinking I'm "too good for lessons". I'm really trying to determine what will help my progress and how to take the next step.
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um your not really skipping any strings in that lick.......but thats not what this topics about

To say that you absolutly need a teacher and will suck if you don't would be a lie, but to say it isnt helpfull to have a teacher would also be a lie. i'm willing to say that i think your playing will improve and even widen if you had a good teacher. a teacher will have bundles of goods to show you. but its really up to you. if you got the money and want the extra help then go for it..
Pretty cool stuff. Triplets are fun.

I think this winter maybe I'll be taking lessons again. This time from my cousin. (He's really good and has a lot I know he can show me and help me with) If you can find yourself a good teacher-public or private, then it will help you. If you can find one who can show you new stuff, it will help you a lot. You'll run into where you are learning a lot of new songs, but many are the same(IF you haven't already) and you're getting some, but not much. Usually with a good teacher, he can give you new stuff to learn that is different than what you are doing and will spice up your playing some.