Okay I've searched this on google and UG and I've had no luck (or im just blind)

Does ANYONE know the dimensions for the neck of an Epiphone G-400?

I wanted to compare it to the Jackson Kelly KE3, i know the measurements for that guitar:
Neck dimensions: 1st fret: .720", 12th fret .805"

I can't seem to find this info anywhere, does anyone happen to know this?
Have you ever played a Les Paul, if so, it is slightly less rounded and less thick.
does it matter really? just play the damn thing.

I want to know this because i have a G-400 and i'm thinking of getting the KE3, but i still have yet to visit a shop to try it out. As im pretty busy this week I just wanted to see if anyone knew this just to give me a comparison at a glance until i can find time to go and try it.
The G-400's neck is substantially thicker.
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How much thicker lmao

are we talking double? :P
I just want a general idea to think about, its funny, shouldn't guitar manufacturers supply this info?