I'm 17 years old, and I primarily live in Middleton, Wisconsin.

I'm looking for a band to play in, or just random people to jam with. I play bass guitar, and I'm open to play any genre of metal. Whether it's Thrash, Death, Black, Alternative, Gothic, Doom, Symphonic, Industrial, or any other kind of metal sub-genre; I'm fine with. The only exceptions in the genres are Hardcore, Rapcore, Rap Metal and Nu Metal.

Anyone who just wants to jam, I'm good for that too. Just as long as you live within relative driving distance from Middleton or Madison, Wisconsin, I can drive to you, or you to me.
damnit you're like the one person in this musicians ads who's even remotely close to me. I live in Waukesha which is like a hour ,probably like an hour and half depending on traffic, away from Middleton, but that's still a trek though!