im looking to string with les paul with heavys and leave it in drop c for just a few songs, but the pickups are just...eh to me
i have a set of infinity pickups lying around but ive never heard them , iswitched them out for emgs before i played it.

my question is would the infinitys sound better in the les paul than the stocks ?
epi lp custom btw
You tell us, you have the pickup sitting there, wire it in and try it. If you don't like it, it takes like 30 seconds to put the other pickup back in.
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Well seeing as in the pups you want to put into your epi are not stock they generally gonna be better than the one you got stock I say do it it sounds like it may be interesting to do. And it would take a little more than 30seconds but fairly under 6-8mins to do the swap.......I'm calculating in the solder irons warm up time. And if you don't like the sound of the pups put the stocks back in.
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