So yeah, I'm learning piano, and I was wondering if UG could recommend me some simple classical songs to learn? I'm quite the classical music n00b, only song I could name is Fur Elise, so anybody wanna help me out here?
Also, if this is in the wrong forum or against the rules somehow I apologize.
Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven its a depressive and slow piece i like it and its simple
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Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven its a depressive and slow piece i like it and its simple

well the first movement is, but the third is actually pretty fast.

look up some chopin and mozart. they had some good piano stuff like the minute waltz and rondo alla turca. just go on youtube and seach for some classical piano pieces and go from there.
Mikrokosmos by Bela bartok, it's kind of a "method" to learn piano, it goes from really simplistic to complicated pieces

it's a six volume work, and it's not hard to download a pdf of it.

if you can't, PM me
it may not be a classical piece but promise (reprise) is pretty fun to play. It was the first song I starting learning on piano.
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Go to your local music store (one that sells instruments, not cd's and stuff). They've bound to have some sort of piano methods with classical parts in them.
Didn't he say simple songs??? If you are a complete beginner you should try something like When the saints go marching in or something. What songs do you know, or do you know your positions and scales and etc.?
The first movement of moonlight sonata is pretty easy, but not that easy. It is also going to be really slow to learn if you arent good at reading sheet music yet. Mozart as some pretty easy sonatas, but they aren't really good for someone JUST starting. Try something really simple out of a beginners piano book.
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if you can use boths hands i would recomend nightswimming by R.E.M. i consider myself a complete piano beginer but i can play this with ease
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I have a really easy version of the Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th lying around if you want it. Message me and I'll PM it to you.
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