hey wondering if anyone can help, i am currently having abit of trouble with my Fender Fuzz-Wah pedal making a crackling noise, im using a 9V Adapter and had no past troubles, even tried it with a 9v battery to see if it helped but still crackled when using the pedal, can occasionally work from time to time without problems and doesn't crackle profusely but it's still annoying, im using a Fender Frontman 15R amp.

Any other pedal works fine and this only crackles when the pedal is actually being moved i.e. pushed down or up

any ideas?
It might be a scratchy pot in the pedal. Pretty easy fix if you dont' mind taking it apart. I would post in the Ultimate Wah thread or whatever it is called. Those guys can help you.

you can find it in The List of Banned Threads and Good Threads sticky.