I'm thinking about getting an epiphone les paul standard for $430....would this be the best buy in the 400-450 dollar range? A little bit more expensive will do but I prefer staying around 450

By the way I play mostly blues, classic rock, some jazz: metallica, Hendrix, SRV, led Zeppelin, guns n roses, joe satriani......VERSATILITY is VERY important

And I already have a mexican standard strat
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les paul
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LE shoop? It must be rad. And yes, I see potential.

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You could get one for much cheaper used. But it should suit your needs.
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i love my epi lp standard. it'll cover all that stuff no problem. get it.
cant ever go wrong with a LP, Dean has a new Dime Razorback for $450 thats pretty nice as well but Lp suits your list of music better i think
Yes, it would be good, but also look at some Ibanez RG's
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