I was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas for the paint job. At the moment I'm thinking I might just go with a plain white base and have the kanji form of the famous Bruce Lee philosophy "Be Like Water" and also possibly the "Using no way as way" & "Having no limitation as limitation" from the jeet kun do symbol if it doesn't take up too much room. It would start just above the input and go around to above the top bridge/pickups. Sound good? I'd love to hear some other ideas for a base paint and whatever else. By the way, it would have to go good with gold hardware (preferably gold).
i was thinking the same thing... 'wait. you're custom painting a $3000 guitar?!'

lets see pics! design, or even the guitar before you start
I'm just starting with painting and base all my info about painting on Ippons work........Hi Ippon. I'm working on a P-bass also.
And yes the GB&C is worthless without pics......Other wise its just a bunch of guys saying that they are building and just blowing smoke around.......Thus most peoples answers around here of "pics or it didn't happen".
So I have one thing to say........listen to Ippon.
Hearing about a pair of great boobs is like hearing about a really cool bug or lizard as a kid and you just gotta see it.
You guys are right. It's not a $3000 dollar guitar by the way if you build it yourself. More like $1000 dollars. I'll start a new thread when I start building it. Don't have all the money yet, or my co-builder (my genius uncle who has an incredible amount of tools).