I recently bought a Fender Strat (Mexican made) and I've been tossing up the idea of installing some electronics mods. I think I'm going to drill into the pickgaurd and install a killswitch (maybe a phase switch too) and leave it until I can buy some new p-ups.

I normally can't stand stock guitars, and have to install mods immediately, but I can't bring myself to with this one (probably because I sold my other ****tier guitars to get it).

Should I drop in the electronics?
If you are going to install the killswitch, I suggest taking out the tone knob.
Personally I find the tone useless for my playing. That is my method opposed to drilling.
i say go for it, but maybe get a new pickguard too (even if you get the same color) so if you end up selling the guitar you can just install the stock pickguard and then sell it, calling it "all stock original parts"

plus, if you're like me, you love the look of strats but hate the body color / pickguard color combinations fender has put together. maybe you'd like replacing it to get the right color

EDIT: or take out the tone knob ^ no new drilling in a pickguard required, you'd just have to sacrifice a little tonal variety
I thought about it. Especially since running it through my Tube Driver, the tone knob becomes useless.

I just like to have that functionality.

And I figure I'll eventually drop in a new pickgaurd, since I'm not 100% on if I like the white (probably complete the SRV scheme and make it a reflective brown if I do, eventually).
I say keep the tone knob, IMAO it is very useful and only ever helps, never hurts.

Plus if you are going to get a new pickguard if you sell it (which can be pretty cheap), why not drill?

ANAEDIT- On the other hand, many people who install killswitches use them a hell of a lot the first week and then never touch them again, so consider how useful it will be to have one.
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