I'd started to work on this piece a couple of months ago, and I had kinda forgotten it for a while, but a few days ago I decided to finish it, and so I did (although I'm still not fully satisfied with it).

Anyway, I'd appreciate some feedback. C4C of course
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As I'm listening, this just sounds awesome

In the beginning, the time sig. changes threw me off a bit, but I quickly began to see how you made it all work. My one negative comment in the beginning was that the same guitar part just repeated over and over, but when I saw how the piano/string/violen/etc., were REALLY the main focus of the piece, I started enjoying the orchestra feel you put up. Bars 81-98 were my favorite segments. It was awesome.

All in all, you seem to be a very talented writer. I would compare this to Trans-Siberian orchestra, because this song isn't really like anything I've heard. I'd definitely hold on to it

Now, if you could please go here and critique at least one of the three, I would be very appreciative

Demo cuts