well im just practicing my sweeping and was wondering what else other sweeps would fit in with it??? what if i did it 2 frets lower in the key of G would that work?
i proabably sound like an idiot since im horrible with my musical theory.
but any who thanks for all you more advanced players who help me.
You could just use other Aminor chords if you want to be sure they'll work together - Am Bdim C Dm Em F G, or if you want to use 7ths: Am7 Bm7b5 CMaj7 Dm7 Em7 FMaj7 G7
If you're going with A minor and want to go back to play an arpeggio in G, then a G major arpeggio would be suitable. Even lower, an F major arpeggio, and so forth depending on the relevant chords in that key's progression.
Read the theory sticky and the technique sticky, specifically THIS bit.
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Which brings me onto something that severely irritates me – most people when sweeping simply sweep shapes, with no understanding of where they come from or why. Constantly people ask for “Sweep scales” or “sweep arpeggios” - but if you can't form these yourself you really should not be attempting to learn a technique designed to play them as fast as possible. If you do not understand how arpeggios work and how to find them on the fingerboard then you have much bigger problems than “learning to sweep pick”!
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