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Blackstar HT-5H Halfstack
10 63%
B-52 AT-112
6 38%
Voters: 16.
Ok, down to 2 amps that people recommend a ****load and say good things about on UG. Blackstar HT 5H Halfstack and the B-52 AT-112. Which should I get. I've got $350 at the moment and will have a new amp by the end of the month. I leaning a lot towards the Blackstar but IDK. Suggestions? I play metal/hard rock (BLS, Sabbath, GNR, Metallica) and don't gig.




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i'd go blackstar. both are great for the money (i'm actually looking for the exact same thing as you, and i had it narrowed down to the same 2 amps) but b-52's apparently have reliability issues. also, the blackstar just seems more pure tube to me, even tho are both all valve. also, the blackstar is more recording-friendly.
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How much is that new 15 watt Vox head? The one with the white knobs and the chrome cover. If it sounds half as good as it looks it could also be an option.