i have a fender strat coming an i was thinking of putting p-90's in place of the humbucker. has anyone done this or know anything about it, i mean like how much mod are we talkin? do able? worth it?
Doable: YES
Worth it: you tell us after you do it.
Much of a Mod: Just like adding any other Pup to a guitar........Its just a tiny bit of soldering and boom you have a P-90 in your guitar.
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That sounds like an amazing idea. Some strats are already routed for HH, my Squier is routed HSH, I couldn't vouch for more expensive models, if I wanted to do this I could just buy the pickups and an HH pickguard.
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I'd use a duncan phat cat. While they do not sound 100% like a true p 90, they are a direct retrofit to a humbucker as they are exactly the same size and give you a good p 90 tone. A normal p 90 would not fit in a humbucker route and you would need to route the guitar and purchase a new pickguard. A phat cat would simply be soldering two wires. They are a p 90 squashed into a humbucker size case

All that said, you might like the humbucker when you get it...