Ok, we're playing between 40 minutes and 1 hour 20 minutes in this pub, supporting their resident cover band. We're an Indie Rock band, leaning more towards rock (I hope).

We're playing until the other band arrives (2 of them are busy, thats why we got this gig).

We only have a few covers, because we decided that you should tailor your set too much for your audience, if they don't like it - f.uck 'em.

Here's what we have so far, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Intro - (the first half of Gay Bar by Electric Six)

I Love it When You Call Me Baby - (fast, upbeat original)

Make My Own Mistakes - (original, medium tempo, the favourite song of a few "fans")

The Mutt’s Nuts - (original, like a cross between Teddy Picker by Arctic Monkeys and City of Dellusion by Muse)

Saturday - (Kids in Glass Houses cover)

Interlude 1 - (a slow intro in the key of the next Song)

Realise the Truth - (slow heavy down beat original, kinda worried about how this will be recieved)

Summertime - (that good old jazz song - gives us a chance to chill a bit)

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor - (Arctic Monkeys Cover)

Interlude 2 - (Chill time and intro to next song)

Then You’ll Care - (medium tempo, Foals-esque but a bit rockier, some kinda pollitical spoken word lyrics)

Wake Me Up When September Ends - (Green Day Cover)

Tight White Leggings - (fast, upbeat, happy original)

Interlude 3 - (plug the myspace etc, intro for next song)

Audiophilia - (kinda catchy upbeat original, people seem to remember this most)

Outro - (a song outro that Muse use on HAARP, heavy agressive final release of energy)

TL;DR - Help me with that ^ setlist.
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