I was wondering about these to guitars. 1st being a Fender MiM Strat HSS and the other being the Epiphone G-400 SG.

I enjoy play Grunge, Rock and in the future alittle Metal music.
Oh, and I like to use a lot of Distortion.

Anything else i would need to put?
They can both work for those styles. It just depends on what you're after really. Go try both of them, they're completely different guitars. The HSS strat will be more versatile. The SG will have a thicker, warmer tone to it.
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+1 to above.

Try them both out and see what's better.
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It's depends what you prefer,
Try them both out!

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i have both and i prefer the sg. the strat is more versitile but i find the sg is more fun to play and sounds better for the rock-metal stuff.
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i would definatly go with the sg it is also very versatile i have a couple of frnds with
epi g-400's and they love it. they play punk rock and so do i.
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i've heard some really questionable things about the g-400. not to say there aren't good ones out there, but if you can't pic it up and play it i wouldn't recommend buying it online. MiM strats, on the other hand, are pretty damn nice. BUT the sg wins in the cool factor. for what you play, i think the sg fits a little better