Well guys I have a hard descision to make.

I finally have a buyer for my Marshall half stack and the cheap Mesa Mark 3 I was going to buy has been sold so im looking at a couple of different options.

my preferred option is a different mark 3 I found however the price is also different and the tolex will need replacing which i have no experience of, but hey how hard could it be. Famous last words I tells ya! the mesa is a purple stripe, simulclass model with geq. Me likes the sound alot.

The issue is that the extra cash needed will allow me to look at other high gain amps, namely the jcm800kk which I can get for £500 from a certain online retailer and the peavey jsx head.

Im not thinking of thr KK as a real option as im not sure il get any liquid lead sounds which i know the mark 3 and jsx can do easily. But its £300 less money than the other options and £300 is a nice ammount of cash to still have in my pocket!

So really the issue is mark 3 or JSX, both will do nice cleans, and get to some mad high gain settings and both have low ends that will, what was the phrase, scare little children?

So UG thoughts?
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IMO, if you're in the UK & have a chance to get a reasonably priced Mesa Mark 3 that you like a lot, get it while you can, esp since it has the EQ. You're lucky MatrixClaw doesn't live over there ! The other amps could be had anytime if you grow tired of the Mk3, but I doubt you ever will. The Mesa will likely hold its value a lot better there too.
Good luck! Hopefully, we'll see your NAD soon.

Edit: Forgot to mention--tolex work isn't rocket science. It's a bit of good ol' elbow grease getting the old stuff off & sanding a bit. You just carefully cut it to fit with sufficient wraparound to fit, & adhere it with contact cement or aerosol trim adhesive (which is basically aerosol contact cement). The brush-on cement is a bit less messy to use. PM gregs1020 for advice on tolexing. He just did a beautiful job on a Blackstar HT5 that he tolexed in white. (I think he may be away for the weekend, so you likely won't get a reply til Monday 7/13).
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